Getting My Call

The day I got my mission call was really hectic.  I remember going to class and coming home to eat some breakfast and watch the episode of the Walking Dead I missed the night before. I remember sitting there and thinking I should check the mail right now, so I finished watching the episode and casually walked to the mailbox and there it was! I ran into my apartment and told my roommates.  I was crying like crazy and trying to call my family members. I was just so happy. I opened my call that night with a bunch of people I loved around me. 10997505_10153176731783534_1727983033462412358_n10430490_10153176732053534_6364024022747642407_n19288_10153176732098534_7991449765756803059_nMy amazing friend Katelyn took these amazing pics! Like her Facebook page for some more great pics here. 

My call was long awaited.  It had been a year from the time I decided to go on a mission! Just like most mormon kids I was hoping to get set somewhere crazy like the middle of Africa but I wasn’t disappointed with my call to stay in America because I know its where I needed to go! Out of everywhere in the United States, California would have been my first choice. It also turned out that I had a ton of friends that live really close to where I would be serving which made me really happy.

I was also able to go the following weekend with two of my roommates to San Diego which was cool because the way we went made us drive through my mission which was just mind blowing! I can’t wait to go!



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