Mission Pictures and A Tender Mercy

I was super excited about getting my pictures taken by one of my favorite photographers Katelyn Crompton. She is one of my favorite people and is such a talented photographer! You can check out her Facebook page here.

I had a really cool experience that was totally a tender mercy from the Lord. When Katelyn and I had finished taking pictures on the grounds of the Rexburg Idaho Temple we were on our way to the car. As we were walking I was two couples walking towards the Temple, I recognized one of the women and it turned out to be one of my church leaders when I was around 12 years old! It was so cool to see her and catch up! Then right when I was telling her that I was going to serve a mission in Riverside California, a girl was walking by and said she had gotten home from the same mission a month ago! The timing of that couldn’t be more perfect. I got the girl’s number so that I could talk to here about the mission. In a way I felt like it was a Heavenly Father telling me that following his path will always bring His tender blessings. 150408_SamMission_104


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