Big Homie! (week 24)

What a great week it has been!  Although I feel like I’ve only been out a short time, this month I will hit 6 months!  Wowwww it feels like a blur haha.  This is already the last week in the transfer!  These 6 weeks with Sister Blanchard has flown by!  She was so prepared when she came out, sometimes I feel as though I’m the trainee.  🙂  We have a lot of fun with the interesting people out here in the boonies of Southern California.

This week has been really cold!  Since we are living in Anza (“The mountain the Lord forgot” as people here like to say) the elevation makes it a lot cooler throughout the day.  It was mostly around the 50’s which I actually loved after spending the summer in Hemet!  It even hailed while we were walking on Thursday!

We have had a lot of success with the people we are teaching this week!  We just started teaching this guy named Randy who is a young father who moved out here from LA.  He wasn’t into the idea of church, but we gave him a tour and he said he’ll come on Sunday which we are excited for.  We also got one of our investigators, Dorian, to come to church.  He accepted a date for baptism on the 29th!  We also gave a tour of our church to one of my favorite people in Anza, Maria!  Maria is the relative of Jimmy and Santos, our investigators.  She also loved it and is planning on coming to church Sunday, along with Jimmy’s little sister, Carmen.  They are a great family and they live across the street from us in the trailer park!

We also picked up this older guy named Rudy as an investigator.  We taught him about the gospel of Jesus Christ in this old muffler shop.  When we asked him to give the prayer on our way out, he was not really into that, so we taught him that you start off a prayer with addressing our Heavenly Father then tell him what you feel and close it in the name of Jesus Christ.  He started the prayer out with “Big Homie”… it was really a heart felt prayer!

We also taught the close friends of a sister in our branch.  They were super eager to read the Book of Mormon because this sister had recently started coming back to church and they saw the amazing difference it has made in her life!  I love that!  I know that we will always be an example to those around us and the ones we love.

I’ve learned a lot from being Sister Blanchard’s companion.  For being such a new missionary, she is so focused on the work, which I am so grateful for!  She has taught me how to be more organized as a missionary and how to try to understand the people we teach in a better light.  We are always trying to learn how to be better and I love her for that!

Hope you all have a great week!

Love, Sister Meza

The color change in Idyllwild
The color change in Idyllwild

DSCN2121[1] (1)


DSCN2134[1] (1)



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