The lowdown (week 34)

It was a great week as always!  I never really plan what I’m going to write so I hope these posts are okay for just winging it.  This email is going to be a lowdown on everyone we are teaching.

Let’s start with the Lanick’s.  If you keep up with my blog, you will know that we started teaching them a long time ago.  They are super hard to get a hold of and teach so we planned on dropping them this week.  They are a really strong family in the community so we kinda held onto them, hoping they would progress.  Since they are so hard to get a hold of, we just dropped by their home to have our last lesson with them.  Just as Mrs. Lanick was telling us she didn’t care to find out if the Book of Mormon was true, her husband came in and started acting out parts of the Bible to us.  He is a wrestling coach at the high school so that can help you paint the picture…haha!  After that, he shared with us how him and his mom went to the Philippines and Southern Japan for a mission when he was 2 until the age of about 15.  That’s how they lived for so many years, not knowing how they were going to get their next meal, but teaching people about Christ.  He has a really deep appreciation for what we do as missionaries.  We invited him to read the Book of Mormon and we are going to follow up with him next week, which should be fun!

Rudy — he is the one who starts out every prayer with “big homie” :).  We weren’t able to meet with him this last week but he is reading the Book of Mormon faithfully and is searching for an answer to be baptized!  We plan on meeting with him tomorrow.

Brenda is a young mom whose brother-in-law is Mr. Lanick.  She has a house full of little boys and has so many questions when we go over.  We haven’t been able to get her to church.

Butch and Michael are the people with the buffalo.  Butch had a problem with his pace maker so we weren’t able to meet last week but we are going to see them today.  We are afraid they are “eternigators” (aka eternal investigators), so we plan on inviting them for baptism tonight and seeing what happens.  They have met with missionaries for a long time and they know everyone in the Branch and they have family in the church.

Rhonda is a nice lady living with one of our less active members.  She is very sweet but her little dog doesn’t like us very much.  😦

The Barrett’s are cool.  They are this older couple who live on a very interesting piece of property.  They actually have a fault line in their backyard!  They are also big history buffs and a lot of people use their property for history reenactments.  If you’re a big follower of the History Channel, you have probably seen their backyard.  This week we introduced them to the Book of Mormon and they are very excited to read it!

Jim is partially blind.  He was a referral from one of the Branch members (who was actually in Afghanistan when he called and gave his name to us.  Apparently he was in a Hummer being shot at…we totally heard it in the background but that’s a totally different story).  Jim lives in one of the trailer parks here and is very nice.  I wanted to give him a Book of Mormon but he can’t see very well.  This week we plan of giving him some Cd’s we have.

Dwain is this guy that lives in Timbuktu!  He was a referral from a member and when we showed up to teach him, he has all these baby sheep running around that had actually been born the night before!  He is also excited to read the Book of Mormon and even asked the member that referred him to us for a large print copy.  We will be getting that for him soon!

Pat and Terry are two biker dudes.  They were a referral from our housing coordinators at the mission home.  They are still pretty new, but we’ll be seeing them this week!

Korin lives in our trailer park and is about 100 pages into the Book of Mormon!  She is hopefully going to come to church this week.

There are a couple more but I don’t have any more time to write!  Hope you all have a great week!

Love, Sister Meza


Homemade sushi…Broulim’s style
We really do love each other 🙂

I told her to make a snow angel 🙂
Outside the Idyllwild Chapel

We found this great cinnamon roll place!



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