It’s Not About Me (week 35)

This week was an emotional roller coaster.  The Barrett’s dropped us by saying that the Book of Mormon was totally bogus (which they didn’t even end up reading or praying about it) which made me a little frustrated.  Our fellowship member for Jim (the blind man living in a trailer with no power) totally offended him by saying that he using excuses to get out of reading the Book of Mormon.  It was not the best lesson I’ve been to.  Luckily, Jim still likes us and is willing to learn more.  Then the Lanick’s dropped us also.  We weren’t able to meet with Rudy once again, because when he said he could come and he called us before church saying he was coming, but then he didn’t show.  😦

But there were a lot of ups this week!  Wednesday was jam packed with missionary fun!  We had a worldwide missionary training, which just happened to start out with a little music video featuring some people I love from the Crystal Lake wards and yours truly!  (A church video was made a few years ago where people in my hometown, including myself, were in it!)  It was so cool!  It really touched my heart because it showed this transition to becoming a missionary and I am finally on that level!  The thing we have been struggling with a lot in this area is finding people who are ready to progress in the gospel and are willing to put in the effort to know if what we share really is true.  What I learned at the training is that it’s our purpose to bring the message of the restored gospel unto our investigators hearts, but it is their job to bring it into their hearts.  I also learned that teaching is not talking, it’s listening and observing with intense spiritual focus!  If we are doing our very best, we will be guided!  Full-time missionaries are called to testify of Jesus Christ and help bring Heavenly Fathers children unto Him–this is the most important work in mortality!  We are called to teach repentance and baptize converts!

After that training, we had yet another training!  Multi-Zone Conference which was probably one of the strangest I’ve been to considering the fact that it was so short!  It was a very long day though, especially considering the fact that we had to leave our place at 6 a.m. to drive an hour to the Stake Center.  We had training on tracting (which is knocking on doors).  Because of El Nino (this big storm that comes to California every few years) we needed some tools on tracting through it.  I’m excited to go tracting although the only place we could do it would be our trailer park and we already know everyone there!  It was a bomb (aka great) day that made me realize I could be doing so much better!

Sunday we were able to give a talk in the Idyllwild Branch!  There was a good turnout with about 15 people!  🙂  I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare, so I mostly just winged it. Luckily, our whole mission has been studying Chapter 4 of “Preach My Gospel” for the last 3 months, which is about recognizing the spirit!  I focused on personal revelation.  My understanding grew of how we can find our answers from Heavenly Father.  It is only through diligent seeking that he reveals his plan for us!!  (1 Nephi 10:19)  What are we diligently seeking in our own lives?  The Idyllwild Branch is so special to me!!

Sister Blanchard and I have a new favorite song called “It’s Not About You” on  It reminds me that I’m here for the people searching for the truth!  It’s not about me. 🙂

Peace and Blessings,

Sister Meza

How we spent our p-day (preparation day)
Lake Hemet


The road we take to Hemet


Designated driver swag









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