Corona…what a place! (week 38)

Corona…I love it here!

But first, a few last words about Anza….

One of my favorite ladies to visit (who was less active) passed away.  😦  Sister Boevers was an older lady who had a problem with her breathing.  We would visit her about once a week since I first got to Anza.  She was always a little grumpy but she grew to love us and I love her!  I am so grateful for the plan of salvation and I know she is in a better place.

The latest on Rudy…Sister Blanchard told me that while her and her new companion were walking they saw him and talked to him.  Apparently Rudy deleted our phone number because he didn’t want to feel the spirit anymore in his life.  That made me sad.

I was so happy because I got to go to the San Diego Temple on Saturday with a brother in the Anza Branch who we taught the new member lessons to and, with the help of the Branch, got him back to church and on track for the sacred ordinances of the temple. (See last week’s post!)   What a blessing the Hardee’s are in my life!  They have strengthened my testimony of eternal marriage as I was able to see them sealed for eternity!

Now to Corona!  I love my new area and new companion, Sister Haughawout (pronounced how-out).  She is a sassy sister from Houston, Texas, and has been out on her mission for only three months!  She is such a great missionary and we have a lot in common including our love of clothes and Chick-fil-A.  Corona is a great area and the members are strong. This area has a reputation of spoiling the missionaries.  It seems like every time we see a member they are giving us something.  For example, at our district meeting this last week, a member bought our entire zone (20 missionaries) In-N-Out Burger!    But the thing this area struggles with the most is finding people that are ready to accept the gospel.  Unlike Hemet, not as many people are ready to open their hearts to the message that we share, but, nonetheless, the field it white!

I love the gospel and how, no matter where you attend church, the feeling is the same.  I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world!


Sister Meza

Me and Sister Haughawout
San Diego Temple
Love them!



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