One Year! (week 52)

Hey everyone!  So I have officially been serving the Lord for a year on May 20th!  I can’t believe it, time goes by way too fast.  I am so grateful for the person I am becoming through this experience.

The highlight of my week was being able to meet an apostle of the Lord, Elder D. Todd Christofferson!  What a wonderful experience it was.  The whole mission was able to get together for this event which never happens!  I got to see all the sisters that I love so dearly and will always be close to my heart. 🙂  There was also three other General Authorities there — Elder Misken of the Seventy; Elder Palmer of the Seventy; and Elder Christianson of the Presidency of the Seventy.  It was such a great and uplifting meeting.

From Elder Misken, I learned that God knows who you are and where you are.  That when the lonely times come, that we are truly never alone.  He is from Normal, Illinois (shout out).

Elder Palmer talked about when he was a Mission President he had an Elder with a terrible stutter, but because of this, he was able to touch a lot of peoples lives.  Although we all might have struggles that prevent us from being perfect, the Lord knows us and who we can touch with our imperfections.

Elder Christenson talked about conversion and how it is a mighty change!  I know that it is and I’ve seen it in the lives of the many people I have met here.  He also talked about how God sees the beginning and the end.  He saw me serving in the California Riverside Mission even before I decided to serve, only two years ago.  He also talked about the importance of prayer which I will talk about more in my email next week. 🙂

Elder Christofferson is so great!  He had everyone in the mission shake his hand and I haven’t washed mine since!  (just kidding)  He gave the whole mission a lot of time to ask questions which was so cool!  My favorite question someone asked was “how do we teach families that they can be together forever if one of the family members doesn’t accept the gospel?”  He talked about building a testimony in the Book of Mormon in the hearts of those who are seeking.  We can’t promise that any individual will act, but we must act as if it will happen.  God will not force his children to follow Him, but He will do everything He can to help us.  There are a lot of examples of families in the Book of Mormon where not everyone accepts and follows Jesus Christ.  But the grace of God is real and your love is never wasted!

For time sake, I am going to end here, but I hope you all have a fantastic week!

“Take the Lord’s smiles upon you and keep going” – Elder Christofferson

Love, Sister Meza

Sister Madrid and I hit one year!
Sister Haughawout 🙂
I missed Sister Roberts!!! I lived with her my first 2 transfers 🙂
I met him 🙂
Daughter + Granddaughter (mission lingo)
Yep, we’re in Corona

Keep Pushing Forward! (week 51)

The Lord is good!  It’s getting hotter and hotter here in California, but the missionary work is great no matter what!  The highlight of my week was when we were able to see one of our investigator’s, Karen, get a blessing.  Karen had texted us and told us she had some health things going on and she had to spend the night in the ER.  Luckily, were were able to meet with her while she got a priesthood blessing and it was an amazing experience!  I just feel so much love for Karen and it was wonderful to hear how much our Heavenly Father knows her and her struggles and loves her!

This week I also had a humbling experience.  In this mission, we are supposed to go “seeking with faith” for an hour and a half every day.  Basically, it’s walking in neighborhoods and talking to everyone we see about a gospel topic.  I have grown a love for talking to strangers!  haha.  Anyways, one day this week we were walking and it was super hot.  I was feeling mega thirsty and was dying for water!  After talking to two (not so nice) people in a row, I was ready to leave for dinner 15 minutes before we had planned on leaving.  Not so much because of the people we had talked to (we rarely talk to rude people), but mainly because I was dying of thirst.  Right when were were by our car, I suggested that we headed back and right when I said that, I knew we should just keep going.  Sister Roberts thought we should just push through also, so we did.  I was a little frustrated, but I knew we had to do it.  The next person we saw was on the phone, so I just went up to him and passed him a pass-along card.  The next thing I knew, that guy was handing us two water bottles right out of his fridge.  What a tender mercy that was to  me.  At that moment, my testimony of enduring to the end was strengthened.  Life gets hard and sometimes we want to give up too quickly, but the blessings we receive as we push through, far outweighs the immediate blessing that comes.  I’m grateful for the strength I am able to receive from Jesus Christ to keep pushing forward.

So just keep pushing forward!!!!  There are blessings that wait for you right around the corner.  For me this week, it was literal. 🙂

This week (the 20th), I will hit my year mark which blows my mind!

I love my mission!

Love, Sister Meza



Sister La Master! I love this lady!
Ward Party
Mangonado #mexican
Weekly planning
DSCN6635[1] (2)
What a girl!

Staying in Corona! (week 50)

I am staying in Corona with Sister Roberts for another transfer!  We are very excited to keep teaching the wonderful people here that we love!  Here are the people we are currently teaching:

Hector — I met him awhile ago while on exchanges and we were finally able to meet with him and teach him about the Restoration.  🙂  It was a great lesson and while we were sharing the First Vision, he felt the spirit!  He said “I like hearing that” and we were like “that good feeling comes from God, he is telling you that it’s true”.  He accepted a date for baptism, but since he didn’t come to church, we will have to move the date.  He is so great!

Bear — he is this older man who lives in someone’s garage.  He has a lot of faith in Jesus Christ and accepted to read the Book of Mormon, but he hasn’t yet so we taught a whole lesson to him on it.  It helped me strengthen my testimony and I know that it can help us so much in life!

Karen — she is the woman who is Goofy at Disneyland and is struggling with some health issues.  We haven’t been able to see her since our lesson last Sunday, but we are looking forward to teaching her about the Plan of Salvation this week.  I am so grateful I have the chance to share with people that they can be with their family forever through Jesus Christ!

Zoey — as always, she is doing great.  Her screen saver in her phone says something about being Mormon.  She even has a calling in church and we are working on getting her baptized.

Craig — he came to church the last two Sunday’s, but we haven’t been able to meet with him for a month.  😦  He hasn’t been reading the Book of Mormon or making the effort to find out that what we share is true.  We are hoping that he has the desire he needs so we can keep teaching him.

We have a couple other people but they are super new!

Bringing the light and hope of Jesus Christ into the lives of the people here is the greatest calling I have been privileged to be a part of!  Keep sharing that light to others!  🙂

Love, Sister Meza

DSCN6646[1] (1)
Gotta love the June blues
DSCN6644[1] (1)

DSCN6654[1] (1)
Our cute area
DSCN6648[1] (1)

DSCN6636[1] (1)
Found this on a walk



Backlogged! (week 49)

This week was a success!!  We got more referrals this week than I ever have on my mission (33) and it has really blessed us!  A good chunk of them came from church headquarters that were backlogged — meaning the missionaries contacted them but didn’t log them as either “taught” or “not interested”.  These were people that were referred years ago!  Through visiting those people we were able to pick up a cute family.  Olga is the mom and recently lost her mother.  We are teaching her this week about the Plan of Salvation, and helping her understand that she can be with her mother again because of Jesus Christ!  We were also able to teach Karen this week about the same thing which was, hands down, the best lesson this transfer!!  We were also able to teach Karen about the Restoration and she accepted a date for baptism!  Whoo hooo!  Being able to help in a small way to bring the light and hope of Jesus Christ to people is the best!!

That’s just a brief summary of my week!  I hope you all have a great week and Mother’s Day!  I know I will because I get to skype with my family!!!  🙂

Love, Sister Meza

image001 (7)
We saw some kids spray paint this on our bridge…the funny this is, we ain’t in the OC, we in Riverside. lol
image002 (5)
Our building 🙂
image003 (5)
I love Sister Roberts!
image001 (8)
Our Zone activity today (May 2) was a nerf gun war 🙂

image002 (6)

image003 (6)

image001 (9)

image002 (7)
I love how green Corona is!
image003 (7)
Had to get blood work done this week…hopefully everything is ok! (update…it is!)

Just Serve (week 48)

DSCN6450[1] (1)
The Corona Zone
This week was great!  Tuesday we had a multi-zone conference and it put me on a spiritual high!  It was all focused on how we can better help those we teach come unto Christ.  Every transfer we are supposed to work on a new Christlike attribute and this transfer I am working on patience.  Not until this transfer had I truly recognized how impatient I actually am.  I am almost finished with studying most of the scriptures that talk about it in the Bible, Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants.  My favorite example in the Old Testament is of Job.  Job was basically perfect so the devil took all he had (his children were killed, his animals died) to see if he would still worship God.  He had literally nothing.  When all this happened he still loved God and worshipped him.  What an example he is of how we should be patient in our afflictions.

Wednesday we picked up one of my new favorite investigators, Karen.  She was found by the Spanish Elders as they were contacting.  Karen is a very special person.  She has had 7 or so brain tumors, she just put her mother in a healthcare facility, and her father passed away not too long ago.   Even though she is going through all of that, she is a positive person.  She even has a job that makes other people happy.  She is Goofy at Disneyland!  We are excited to teach her about the restored gospel in the coming weeks.

Saturday was filled with service!  All across Corona was a huge “just serve” project at various locations!  Corona used to be known for its wonderful citrus fields, but today they are no longer.  The city decided that they would bring some back. so we planted some on Taber and California Street!  It will be such a cool thing to go back and visit after my mission!  We also helped with mulching and painting since a few other areas needed help!  It was so fun!

Every Tuesday night we teach a Book of Mormon class to anyone who wants to come, whether it be less actives, investigators, new members, or whoever!  For the last couple of weeks one of the investigators from the Citrus Hills Ward came and her name is Kimmy.  We love her so much and we were able to see her get baptized on Sunday!  She has come so far even though it seems like so much has come her way since she has taken this path to grow closer to God.  She had to quit smoking, she got kicked out of where she lived, she was super sick last week when she was supposed to be baptized, and she was just diagnosed with liver failure, but through it all she is still positive!  Zoey was able to go to the baptism with us and she loved it.  🙂

Today for pday we played a game called Questwich that one of the Elders (Elder Prestwich) made up.  It was fun and our team dominated!

Hope you all have a baller week!

Love, Sister Meza

Multi-Zone Conference!
Kimmy’s baptism!
Planting trees on California and Taber

..and mulching..
…and painting!