Just Serve (week 48)

DSCN6450[1] (1)
The Corona Zone
This week was great!  Tuesday we had a multi-zone conference and it put me on a spiritual high!  It was all focused on how we can better help those we teach come unto Christ.  Every transfer we are supposed to work on a new Christlike attribute and this transfer I am working on patience.  Not until this transfer had I truly recognized how impatient I actually am.  I am almost finished with studying most of the scriptures that talk about it in the Bible, Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants.  My favorite example in the Old Testament is of Job.  Job was basically perfect so the devil took all he had (his children were killed, his animals died) to see if he would still worship God.  He had literally nothing.  When all this happened he still loved God and worshipped him.  What an example he is of how we should be patient in our afflictions.

Wednesday we picked up one of my new favorite investigators, Karen.  She was found by the Spanish Elders as they were contacting.  Karen is a very special person.  She has had 7 or so brain tumors, she just put her mother in a healthcare facility, and her father passed away not too long ago.   Even though she is going through all of that, she is a positive person.  She even has a job that makes other people happy.  She is Goofy at Disneyland!  We are excited to teach her about the restored gospel in the coming weeks.

Saturday was filled with service!  All across Corona was a huge “just serve” project at various locations!  Corona used to be known for its wonderful citrus fields, but today they are no longer.  The city decided that they would bring some back. so we planted some on Taber and California Street!  It will be such a cool thing to go back and visit after my mission!  We also helped with mulching and painting since a few other areas needed help!  It was so fun!

Every Tuesday night we teach a Book of Mormon class to anyone who wants to come, whether it be less actives, investigators, new members, or whoever!  For the last couple of weeks one of the investigators from the Citrus Hills Ward came and her name is Kimmy.  We love her so much and we were able to see her get baptized on Sunday!  She has come so far even though it seems like so much has come her way since she has taken this path to grow closer to God.  She had to quit smoking, she got kicked out of where she lived, she was super sick last week when she was supposed to be baptized, and she was just diagnosed with liver failure, but through it all she is still positive!  Zoey was able to go to the baptism with us and she loved it.  🙂

Today for pday we played a game called Questwich that one of the Elders (Elder Prestwich) made up.  It was fun and our team dominated!

Hope you all have a baller week!

Love, Sister Meza

Multi-Zone Conference!
Kimmy’s baptism!
Planting trees on California and Taber

..and mulching..
…and painting!



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