Backlogged! (week 49)

This week was a success!!  We got more referrals this week than I ever have on my mission (33) and it has really blessed us!  A good chunk of them came from church headquarters that were backlogged — meaning the missionaries contacted them but didn’t log them as either “taught” or “not interested”.  These were people that were referred years ago!  Through visiting those people we were able to pick up a cute family.  Olga is the mom and recently lost her mother.  We are teaching her this week about the Plan of Salvation, and helping her understand that she can be with her mother again because of Jesus Christ!  We were also able to teach Karen this week about the same thing which was, hands down, the best lesson this transfer!!  We were also able to teach Karen about the Restoration and she accepted a date for baptism!  Whoo hooo!  Being able to help in a small way to bring the light and hope of Jesus Christ to people is the best!!

That’s just a brief summary of my week!  I hope you all have a great week and Mother’s Day!  I know I will because I get to skype with my family!!!  🙂

Love, Sister Meza

image001 (7)
We saw some kids spray paint this on our bridge…the funny this is, we ain’t in the OC, we in Riverside. lol
image002 (5)
Our building 🙂
image003 (5)
I love Sister Roberts!
image001 (8)
Our Zone activity today (May 2) was a nerf gun war 🙂

image002 (6)

image003 (6)

image001 (9)

image002 (7)
I love how green Corona is!
image003 (7)
Had to get blood work done this week…hopefully everything is ok! (update…it is!)

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