Keep Pushing Forward! (week 51)

The Lord is good!  It’s getting hotter and hotter here in California, but the missionary work is great no matter what!  The highlight of my week was when we were able to see one of our investigator’s, Karen, get a blessing.  Karen had texted us and told us she had some health things going on and she had to spend the night in the ER.  Luckily, were were able to meet with her while she got a priesthood blessing and it was an amazing experience!  I just feel so much love for Karen and it was wonderful to hear how much our Heavenly Father knows her and her struggles and loves her!

This week I also had a humbling experience.  In this mission, we are supposed to go “seeking with faith” for an hour and a half every day.  Basically, it’s walking in neighborhoods and talking to everyone we see about a gospel topic.  I have grown a love for talking to strangers!  haha.  Anyways, one day this week we were walking and it was super hot.  I was feeling mega thirsty and was dying for water!  After talking to two (not so nice) people in a row, I was ready to leave for dinner 15 minutes before we had planned on leaving.  Not so much because of the people we had talked to (we rarely talk to rude people), but mainly because I was dying of thirst.  Right when were were by our car, I suggested that we headed back and right when I said that, I knew we should just keep going.  Sister Roberts thought we should just push through also, so we did.  I was a little frustrated, but I knew we had to do it.  The next person we saw was on the phone, so I just went up to him and passed him a pass-along card.  The next thing I knew, that guy was handing us two water bottles right out of his fridge.  What a tender mercy that was to  me.  At that moment, my testimony of enduring to the end was strengthened.  Life gets hard and sometimes we want to give up too quickly, but the blessings we receive as we push through, far outweighs the immediate blessing that comes.  I’m grateful for the strength I am able to receive from Jesus Christ to keep pushing forward.

So just keep pushing forward!!!!  There are blessings that wait for you right around the corner.  For me this week, it was literal. 🙂

This week (the 20th), I will hit my year mark which blows my mind!

I love my mission!

Love, Sister Meza



Sister La Master! I love this lady!
Ward Party
Mangonado #mexican
Weekly planning
DSCN6635[1] (2)
What a girl!


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