Just invite! (week 53)

Hi everyone!  Hope you all had a great Memorial Day!  I know I sure did! 🙂  Although it wasn’t very much different from any other pday.  All the missionaries got together to play something called chair soccer and two-step dodge ball.  To make it even more fun, some of the Elders brought a smoke machine and disco ball that they had found in a members garage.  haha.

This week was good.  Sister Roberts had headaches so we spent a little time in.  Last Tuesday, we were able to go to the temple which was definitely the highlight of my week.  The feeling after leaving the temple is like no other!

On Wednesday, we were able to have dinner with another family from our Stake, the Wheats.  They are probably one of the most missionary-minded families I have met since being out here.  They have brought so many people into the gospel and they are such a great example to me!  When I asked Sister Wheat what helps her to share the gospel with others, she said “just invite”.  How simple is that?!  We can invite our friends and even acquaintances to learn more, come to church, or come to your home.  We are all brothers and sisters trying to do our very best in this life.  We can increase our love for others as we invite.

And if you’re not a member, you can learn more at mormon.org!  🙂

This week I was able to go on exchanges with Sister Moore!  She is a great missionary and I learned a lot from her.  She was serving in the Corona Ward a year ago.   She has also served in every area I have, so I was able to hear about all the people I used to serve!  Especially the Anza Branch…miss you guys so much!

Sister Moore and I were able to help a young recent convert, Nora, write her first talk!  Sunday she gave it and it was so wonderful and heartfelt!  We later had a lesson with a less active sister who said that specific talk had touched her. 🙂  Way to go, Nora!  We also watched The Restoration video with her and Zoey after church.  We all felt the spirit very strong and we all wept.

Sister Haughawout, my last companion, is going home for brain surgery.  I love her so much and I wish the best for her!  She will always be a close friend and my prayers will be with her as she overcomes her migraines.  She taught me so much in our short seven weeks together!  I know she is doing the will of the Lord.

Hope you all have a great week and don’t forget to invite! 🙂

If you’d like to watch the restoration video, you can find it here…


Love, Sister Meza

image003 (9)

image001 (11)
Going to the temple

image001 (12)

image002 (9)

image003 (8)
Exchanges with Sister Moore!
image002 (8)
Corona Missionaries!
image001 (10)




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