See Miracles Each Day! (week 54)

I look back on my weeks and sometimes it’s hard to remember what happened, but lately I have really been keeping up on my journal and it has been so great!  I can actually remember what happens week to week.  It is so cool to look back and read about the little miracles I have each day!!

One day in my personal study a scripture stood out to me at the beginning on 2 Nephi in the Book of Mormon, when Lehi is pleading with his wayward sons to follow Christ.  For some reason that really stuck out to me that day.  Later that day, right before our Book of Mormon class, our Bishop pulled us into his office because a woman had just wandered in looking for help and seeking guidance.  She shared with us how her husband was unfaithful which lead to their divorce and that her son was struggling with his faith in Christ and is making bad decisions.  We offered to teach her about the restored gospel but she declined, so I gave her a Book of Mormon with the chapters I had read that morning marked.  I testified of the guidance the Book of Mormon has brought into my life personally and I knew that if she would read it, she would find her answer.  She accepted. She actually lives in our apartment complex so I hope I can run into her again soon!  I know the spirit prompted that scripture to stick out to me for that sister.  God is good! That is just one of the many tender mercies this week!

Don’t forget to write in your journal, and if you haven’t started one, do it!

Have a great week!

Love, Sister Meza

image002 (11)

image001 (13)
Getting dessert at Cheesecake Factory with Hermana Brown!
image002 (10)
Post crossfit!
image001 (15)
Dinner with the ward ladies…love ’em!
image003 (10)
Post 107 degree biking pic!



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