The ER, Strollers, & Disneyland (week 57)


On Wednesday, Sister Roberts woke up with an ear ache and didn’t tell anyone, so Thursday morning when the pain really started to get bad, we went to the Urgent Care in Norco and they gave her the wrong medication, so on Friday we went to the Urgent Care in Riverside.  Saturday she woke up and the pain was unbearable and the pain had moved to her jaw.  We went to the ER in Riverside where they gave her some new stuff to take.  Then the missionary health people wanted us to go back and get a second opinion.  That was our crazy week.  Sister Roberts still doesn’t feel much better.  😦

Being in the ER was crazy!  I had never had to go there before (at least not that I can remember).  It was so interesting to watch all the people there and what they were doing. There was this cute little Spanish man who was waiting for his wife that we became friends with.  Turns out he was a member in Riverside.  I couldn’t believe how many strollers there were in the ER.  I felt like I was at Disneyland!

I’m grateful for the extra time I’ve had to read from the scriptures.  It’s crazy how much the Bible and the Book of Mormon go together!

We ended up having to stop teaching five of our investigators this past week and we are ready to find people that are ready to do the work to grow closer to Christ.  I know those wonderful people we had to stop teaching will be able to do the same down the road, but they are not ready for that now.

Have a great week!

Love, Sister Meza

image002 (21)
Urgent care pic
image001 (26)
ER pic


image003 (16)
image001 (25)
The heat
image003 (15)
Our desks
image001 (24)
A member’s whip

image002 (19)

image002 (20)
When you know you’re in the ghetto #bulletshell

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