Car Probs and Blessings (week 60)

Hello everyone!

This week was filled with car troubles that seemed to take forever.  Monday we got a bolt stuck in our tire and had to get it fixed and a sweet member picked us up.  Sister Saunders to the rescue!  🙂  Then Thursday we had multi-zones and the Elders who manages the cars told us to get one of the tires replaced.  So we did and the place ended up closing without our car being fixed yet so we left it overnight and we accidentally left our apartment keys with them.  So we ended up staying the night with the Spanish sisters.  We picked it up in the morning and as they gave us the keys and we got in and tried it start it, it wouldn’t start so they had to replace the battery.

On a more spiritual note, we were able to pick up a new investigator name Sal.  He is the husband of the woman I talked about last week whose daughter was murdered.  Sal was super nice and interested to find out for himself if what we are sharing with him is true.  He also told us that he has a son that is part of the church.  We taught about the Plan of Salvation and he said that is just made sense to him.

We also had our multi-zone conference with the Riverside zone.  It was super good and I’ll have to send some of my notes from it next week.

Sunday was great!  A non-member who had been coming to our ward the last few Sundays accepted us coming by this coming Wednesday.  He wasn’t feeling well when we talked to him at church so I asked him if he wanted a blessing and game him a brief explanation of what it was.  He said yes, so I went hunting for some Priesthood holders from our ward.  Since it was after church, the people I was able to find was a brother who had just transferred his records to our ward from the Spanish ward, and Brother Luedtke who had just gotten ordained to the Melchizadek Priesthood just a few minutes before.  Haha what a group!  But they were great!  Since the brother from the Spanish ward didn’t know it in English, we used Sister Nai’s white handbook.  Brother Luedtke gave his first blessing.  He didn’t know what is was even for, but he had a lot to say that came out.  After, he explained to us that he didn’t know why he was saying those things.  It was cool!  Our investigator felt better after the blessing.

We had dinner with Brother and Sister Luedtke right after.  We found out that Sister Luedtke was the recent convert to Sister Nai’s boyfriend…what a small world!

I love being Mormon!

Love, Sister Meza

image003 (21)

image002 (27)
Multi-Zone Conference
image002 (28)
The Luedtke fam
The whole mission!
image001 (32)
Shoutout to my sister who now works at Chipotle! 🙂
image001 (33)

image003 (22)


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