Seek with Faith (week 65)

In this mission we walk!….I mean seek with faith!  That is a term well loved in this mission for the 1 hour and 30 minutes a day we go contacting.  Contacting has been hard this summer due to the heat.  To be honest, Sister Blanchard and I haven’t been as faithful to it as we should be, so this week it was something we worked on.  Although not many people were outside, we were faithful to it and looked to the promise our District Leader, Elder Warren, had given us.  He promised that if we walked, we would find people who were prepared, not necessarily from walking, but that they would pop out to us.  That promise came to be!

After nightly planning on Thursday, we had gotten a text for a referral from church headquarters, a guy named Mario.  The next day we visited him and learned more about why we found him.  He was struggling in life to find purpose.  He is 33 and has gone through a lot, including being homeless and various addictions.  He had taken the lessons before from other missionaries, but he quickly fell back into his bad habits.  We taught him the Restoration and the spirit was strong.  We have many people in the ward that are fellowshipping him.  He came to church last Sunday and took notes in every meeting.  We taught the Word of Wisdom and he committed to live it.  Due to his past, he won’t be able to be baptized for a year, so he is currently on date for the 19th of July next year!  🙂  He is willing to do what we commit him to do because he is ready to change his life through faith in Christ, repentance, baptism, and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end!

We also had a good time with family history with the Holyoaks!  The Holyoaks are a senior missionary couple that are serving with us in the Jurupa Ward.  They are mainly over family history work and helping people get to the temple.  They are the cutest!!!  We got to spend some time and work on our family history!  I went from just having a few of my mom’s lines, to having almost all of them!  It was so addicting and I didn’t want to stop!  haha.  I can’t wait to get more into it off of the mission!  It is awesome how much technology has advanced to help us connect to our families!

Today is our pday (last Thursday) since we get the chance to go to the Redlands Temple!  I love it here in Jurupa and to serve with one of my very best friends, Sister Blanchard!

Have a great week!

Love, Sister Meza

image002 (37)
The Holyoaks!
image001 (41)
I have blonde in my hair!
image002 (36)
The District!
image003 (28)
The fires 😦

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Nightly landscape

Ammon and Aaron (week 64)

This week was good.  I was sick three days with a sore throat and nausea but we were able to get a lot done missionary work wise!  We were able to pick up five new investigators this week, and one who we are teaching came to church, but, sadly, a bunch of our investigators that we had set for a baptism date fell through.

What I have really been loving this week (and always!) is reading the Book of Mormon.  To be honest, I have turned into a nerd about it.  🙂  I just love when I can better understand and apply it to my life.  Right now I am in the book of Alma and it has a few different stories about missionaries.  The two I like to compare (they also happen at the same time) is Ammon and Aaron.  Ammon is a guy that gets captured and the king asks him what he is doing in the land and, basically, Ammon just says “I want to stay here and become your servant”.  He becomes the king’s favorite.  He teaches and converts the king.  Aaron, on the other hand, goes to another city and starts preaching and the people get really mad at him.  He ends up basically bible bashing them and he ends up in prison under harsh treatment.  Eventually, Ammon comes to Aaron’s rescue and they go back out teaching.

What I learned from them is that you really need to share the gospel with love, whether you wear a name tag or not.  If you follow Jesus Christ you represent Him.  There are many times that I have talked to people who very much oppose what I believe and try to convince me otherwise through debating the scriptures and stuff, just like Aaron, but Ammon really showed that he followed Jesus Christ by becoming a servant and showing love, just as Christ does.

I love the Book of Mormon!

Love, Sister Meza

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Mt. Rubidoux
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Car selfies for days
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image003 (27)






Reunited! (week 63)

Woww, I love this area and I love my companion!  Jurupa is so different from any area I have served.  This week we almost got punched out by a woman that appeared to be on drugs, and we drove past a guy pulling out a knife on another guy.  We are in a bad area, but I love it!  The people are really humble!

The ward we are serving in was recently combined with another ward.  There are almost 900 people that should be going to our ward and the list is 40 pages long…which is huge!  We share the ward with two other sets of missionaries — our zone leaders and a senior couple, the Holyoaks.  The area we serve is really desert-y and hot.  We also live with a member who has two dogs which is something I’ve always wanted on the mission!  🙂

Serving with Sister Blanchard is so great!  I don’t know what it is, but we were made to be companions!  At the end of this transfer, we will have served six months with each other.  That is a third of our mission.  I wouldn’t choose anyone else to spend it with.

Since we are living with members (called a home share), two sisters who finished their mission here a year ago came to visit for the week which was super cool.  They were able to give us a lot of referrals for people they had previously taught and were able to tell us more about the ward since Sister Blanchard and I are pretty new.  One of them I had met in the airport when I got to the mission.  It was cool.

We were able to pick up a bunch of new investigators this week including a family!

We taught this woman name Morna, who has family that are members of the church.  We taught her a lesson and at first she wasn’t interested in us coming back, but we testified that the message that we are sharing with her can change her life and her attitude totally changed and she was excited for us to come back!  It was all the spirit!

Have a great week!

Love, Sister Meza

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Reunited and it feels so good!
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We went golfing!

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Sister Blanchard!

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Our favorite ice cream place!
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Corona to Jurupa! (week 62)

I am leaving Corona to go to Jurupa!…and my new companion is…..SISTER BLANCHARD!!!!  For those of you who don’t know, Sister Blanchard was my third companion and this will be our 4th transfer together.  I would choose no one else to spend a third of my mission with.  🙂

This past week was pretty great!  I love Sister Nai and I will really miss being her companion!  We are always having fun with the work and that really makes all the difference.  We started teaching one of our investigator’s sons.  While we were on his porch teaching him a lesson, one of our former investigators that lived across the street walked up and said that after praying about it, he wanted to give us back the pass along card we had given him.  It was really awkward and he wasn’t acting himself.  I took the card back and he kept talking (during the lesson we were giving) and said that he wanted to go to church, so I handed back the card and said if you want to come to church you can give us a call.  He said ok and put it back in his wallet.  This experience reminded me of what was said in the last missionary meeting we had that pass along cards are a little way that the Holy Ghost can bug people (in a good way!).

I love the gospel and I love being a missionary!

Sister Blanchard and I are ready to kill it this transfer!!

Love, Sister Meza

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Favorite flower
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The District!
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Holding a bearded dragon
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We love to walk through sprinklers!
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Our last Sunday together