Ammon and Aaron (week 64)

This week was good.  I was sick three days with a sore throat and nausea but we were able to get a lot done missionary work wise!  We were able to pick up five new investigators this week, and one who we are teaching came to church, but, sadly, a bunch of our investigators that we had set for a baptism date fell through.

What I have really been loving this week (and always!) is reading the Book of Mormon.  To be honest, I have turned into a nerd about it.  🙂  I just love when I can better understand and apply it to my life.  Right now I am in the book of Alma and it has a few different stories about missionaries.  The two I like to compare (they also happen at the same time) is Ammon and Aaron.  Ammon is a guy that gets captured and the king asks him what he is doing in the land and, basically, Ammon just says “I want to stay here and become your servant”.  He becomes the king’s favorite.  He teaches and converts the king.  Aaron, on the other hand, goes to another city and starts preaching and the people get really mad at him.  He ends up basically bible bashing them and he ends up in prison under harsh treatment.  Eventually, Ammon comes to Aaron’s rescue and they go back out teaching.

What I learned from them is that you really need to share the gospel with love, whether you wear a name tag or not.  If you follow Jesus Christ you represent Him.  There are many times that I have talked to people who very much oppose what I believe and try to convince me otherwise through debating the scriptures and stuff, just like Aaron, but Ammon really showed that he followed Jesus Christ by becoming a servant and showing love, just as Christ does.

I love the Book of Mormon!

Love, Sister Meza

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Mt. Rubidoux
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Car selfies for days
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