Seek with Faith (week 65)

In this mission we walk!….I mean seek with faith!  That is a term well loved in this mission for the 1 hour and 30 minutes a day we go contacting.  Contacting has been hard this summer due to the heat.  To be honest, Sister Blanchard and I haven’t been as faithful to it as we should be, so this week it was something we worked on.  Although not many people were outside, we were faithful to it and looked to the promise our District Leader, Elder Warren, had given us.  He promised that if we walked, we would find people who were prepared, not necessarily from walking, but that they would pop out to us.  That promise came to be!

After nightly planning on Thursday, we had gotten a text for a referral from church headquarters, a guy named Mario.  The next day we visited him and learned more about why we found him.  He was struggling in life to find purpose.  He is 33 and has gone through a lot, including being homeless and various addictions.  He had taken the lessons before from other missionaries, but he quickly fell back into his bad habits.  We taught him the Restoration and the spirit was strong.  We have many people in the ward that are fellowshipping him.  He came to church last Sunday and took notes in every meeting.  We taught the Word of Wisdom and he committed to live it.  Due to his past, he won’t be able to be baptized for a year, so he is currently on date for the 19th of July next year!  🙂  He is willing to do what we commit him to do because he is ready to change his life through faith in Christ, repentance, baptism, and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end!

We also had a good time with family history with the Holyoaks!  The Holyoaks are a senior missionary couple that are serving with us in the Jurupa Ward.  They are mainly over family history work and helping people get to the temple.  They are the cutest!!!  We got to spend some time and work on our family history!  I went from just having a few of my mom’s lines, to having almost all of them!  It was so addicting and I didn’t want to stop!  haha.  I can’t wait to get more into it off of the mission!  It is awesome how much technology has advanced to help us connect to our families!

Today is our pday (last Thursday) since we get the chance to go to the Redlands Temple!  I love it here in Jurupa and to serve with one of my very best friends, Sister Blanchard!

Have a great week!

Love, Sister Meza

image002 (37)
The Holyoaks!
image001 (41)
I have blonde in my hair!
image002 (36)
The District!
image003 (28)
The fires 😦

image001 (42)

image003 (29)
Nightly landscape

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