Preparation (week 67)

Preparation – that has been the subject of my study for my whole mission.  It is something talked about in my patriarchal blessing and it is something that we as missionaries are always doing.  We start every week with a day to prepare, we plan nightly, we plan weekly, we set goals and work towards them.  We are always preparing and it truly makes all the difference.  It is a big part of who I am becoming.  This week I read in Alma where the armored Nephites fought the naked Lamanites.  Their preparations for war made all the difference.  I know that same armor is what we put on as missionaries in a metaphorical way.  We do so by being obedient, having faith, and the list goes on.  I have loved learning how much preparation is talked about in the scriptures.  That has really helped me this week!

Our home share, Mama B (Sister Burola), had a huge party this week at her home with all the single adults that live in Southern California!  Some of our favorite people from Anza came and it was a very happy reunion!  Since her party was so late (and we have a curfew!), we ended up staying the night with the Eastvale sisters which was really fun!

Sister Blanchard and I went to Urgent Care because we thought she had pink eye, but she ended up having some inflammation.  They put this cool dye in her eye that made it glow bright green under a black light.

This morning we played kickball with our zone and the other Jurupa zone!  The weather here has been so humid!….reminds me of home!  🙂

Love, Sister Meza

Glasses life
I love these Sisters!
Doing some service
Sister Blanchard’s eye problems 😦

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