#tendermercies (week 66)

Another great week!  The highlight was definitely going to the Redlands Temple!  Right after emailing last Thursday, I signed on to familysearch.org in hopes of finding a name to take to the temple and I did!  I printed the card for Maria Dischinger, who is a relative that lived in the 1700’s in Holland.  After I saw the card, I noticed that her baptism and confirmation had been done in Chicago in 2014.  I then realized that I had done her baptism my last trip with my home ward as a youth.  I was able to do her initiatory and endowment.  I felt so much love that day!  It was cool to do initiatories also because I hadn’t done it since I took out my own (for those of you who have been to the temple).  Also, one of the workers in the temple was my Bishop’s wife in the ward I am serving in!  #tendermercies  We were also able to do a session with someone who was deaf, so we got to see captions during the session which was cool!

This week we also had exchanges!  Sister Jensen, a Hermana that I had served with before, came to be with me for a day.  It was cool to see how much of the area I knew!  We also had a blitz that day and I was able to go “seeking with faith” with a new spanish sister in the mission, Hermana Chandler.  While we were walking, we met this woman who we said hello to and when she turned around she said, “oh my gosh, it’s sister missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!”  She was a less active member and seeing us was an answer to her prayers.

I know that by following the still small voice of the Spirit, the Lord will always stand by our

side!  I love the mission and I love the Lord!

On a side note, we had crossfit today with the top half of the mission.  I was dying, but it was so much fun!  🙂

Love, Sister Meza

Temple Trip!



Pre-crossfit selfie!







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