I can do it and I will (week 69)

This week was good and kinda crazy!  Sister Blanchard is no longer in our trio, so we are no longer a trio!  😦  A sister we were close to ended up getting really sick and was sent home, so now Sister Blanchard is in Eastvale with a Sister I came in with, Sister Parker!  They are in my district so I will get to see them a lot!  🙂

Sister Thomas is my new companion and she is just beginning her mission!  She is really great and I am learning a lot from her ,although we are very different.  She is very good at connecting with people and it has been cool to see this last week.  At the beginning of the week, she was struggling with wanting to be here, and I didn’t know how to help her because it was something that I didn’t struggle with.  She got a blessing that really helped her and now she has a fire for the work!  It is awesome being with Sister Thomas because she is really good at noticing small blessings we have each day!  She also loves horses!  She has ten rescue horses at home that she really misses.  At the trainer meeting after she was assigned as my new companion, I got to hear her testimony and I knew that she was out here to serve the Lord.   I felt the spirit strong!

We are teaching a few people, but none of them are solid enough to come to church or keep commitments, so this week we are focusing on finding the prepared!

We are going to have a great transfer together!  We also got matching bracelets today that mean “I can do it and I will”.  Sister Thomas is going to have a great start to her mission, and I am going to have a great finish to mine!

Love and miss you all!  🙂

Love, Sister Meza

Sister Thomas and I
Basic tag pic
Matching bracelets



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