Many Miracles! (week 70)

This week we saw many miracles!  Our focus this week was to rely more fully on the Lord, then on our own abilities.  With that, we were able to pick up nine new investigators including two families!  🙂

Our new investigators include…

Velma — we met her husband while “seeking with faith” and he said we could come back.  He ended up not interested, but his wife is. 🙂

Jasmine — this cute young mom raising five little boys, mostly by herself.  Her husband works all over the country and she only gets to see him five times a year.  She told us about her love for the Bible and how much of an impact her mom reading it to her at a young age had on her.

Notel — he requested a Bible online and so we were the ones to deliver it!  🙂  He had been taught by missionaries before, but stopped when he didn’t feel ready for baptism, although he has a strong desire to come closer to God.

The Andrade family —  We have been teaching the mom, Mirna, for a few weeks and she finally got her family to meet with us.  They are really hoping to read the Book of Mormon together as a family.  We even had the Mancilla family from our ward come to the lesson.  Some of them even ended up being friends from school!  It was cool to hear their testimonies!

Esther — she is this cute little Latino woman some other missionaries had referred to us. She has a close friend who is a member and always invites her to church.

Christina and Junewin — super nice family (as they all are!) and they were really excited to have us!  They are very interested in the gospel.

I also got to watch the General Women’s Broadcast last weekend and it was the bomb!  I loved the reference to the story about Christ and the woman at the well.  She was teachable.  Christ can give us living water if we seek it like she did, and then she went and shared this witness with others!  I feel like this is a basic version of my experience as a missionary.  I have learned to be teachable, to rely on the Lord, and to share my witness!  I love the scriptures!  I love this gospel!

Love, Sister Meza

Sisters over Misters 🙂


Jurupa Missionaries!


The Women’s Broadcast!
My home share is Ms. Route 66 #princesspose

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