Do you have a book I can read? (week 71)

Hello Friends!

This week was great!  On Tuesday, we had an orientation to serve at a therapeutic riding center which Sister Thomas is really excited about!  She loves horses!  Then when we got home and started our studies, I wasn’t feeling well and it turns out I was suffering from heat exhaustion.

Friday was the last multi-zone conference I would have on the mission, so I got to give my outgoing testimony.  I feel like just yesterday I was giving my incoming testimony.  It is always amazing to hear the testimonies of the missionaries leaving!  Just the other day, I was reading the entry to my first multi-zone conference and it’s crazy how much I have grown.

Some things that stood out to me in the meeting was when my Mission President talked about exact obedience.  He taught that we are not perfect and that God doesn’t demand that from us, but the two principles within being exact is obedience and repentance.  The Lord’s love is always there but that trust needs to be earned.

We met a guy this week while walking on the street and we taught him a lesson.  It was crazy because he had said that last week he was looking at the BYU website and wants to go there.  He said that he loved the values of the school and asked us if we had a book he could read….of course we do!  😉  He was definitely prepared by the Lord!

One of the people I had taught in Corona was supposed to be baptized this week but the day of his baptism, he didn’t show up to church  So Sister Nai and her companion went by his house and no one answered so they went into his backyard and found him sitting on the couch watching TV.  They had a lesson with him and he has chosen not to get baptized.  It makes me sad because I know all the blessings he is missing out on.  Hopefully, down the line he will be ready to make that sacred promise with God.

General Conference is the best holiday on a mission!  I loved the talk by Craig C. Christensen about Joseph Smith because he had given the same talk to our mission in May! This time around it really helped me gain a greater understanding of Joseph Smith!  I loved Elder Oaks talk on missionary work!  The simple things he invited each of us to do was:

  1.  Pray for a desire to help with missionary work.
  2.  Speak to others with an invitation to learn more about Christ.
  3.  Be authentic with loving concern.
  4.  Do not be limited to your circle of friends.
  5.  Wards should hold invitation Sundays.
  6.  Invite those that need it.
  7.  Social media give us opportunities to reach out.

This is just from my notes and probably not 100% perfect from what he said, but I know that as we apply this and strengthen our desire, then we can be the means of bringing more joy into the lives of our brothers and sisters!  I love the Gospel!

Love, Sister Meza

Sister Mullen selfie!
Los Hermanitas (part 1)
Los Hermanitas (part 2)
My last multi-zone conference
my “Preach my Gospel”
Lucy the pony!
This cat followed us for blocks! 🙂
Hailee Turner ❤
Some Chicago love!

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