An interesting week (week 73)

Hello friends!

This week was interesting and seemed to go by pretty fast.  I wasn’t feeling good all day Saturday and Sunday so some wonderful people took care of me while my companion was working hard.  It was so cool to see Sister Thomas really excel in taking over the area.  🙂

Sunday at church was also interesting.  I was feeling better in the morning so we were able to go to church!  Before sacrament had started there were a few of us waiting in the chapel when an older gentlemen from the ward stood up and yelled at everyone to be quiet and that this was a chapel of the Lord and he was trying to meditate.  It was a rather aggressive moment and pulled away the spirit.  He did it again as more people filled into the room.  He ended up doing it four times and then a member of the Bishopric escorted him outside the chapel.  It didn’t stop the spirit from coming back into the room as the sacrament was passed.

Then we were able to hear from some great missionaries including my companion!

Overall, it was a good week.

Love, Sister Meza



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