My plan (week 75)

What a week!  So much has happened!  I may explain things kind of out of order, but hopefully, I can remember everything.  Today we went to Olive Garden with the Spanish sisters for Sister Madrid’s birthday this week.  When we went to pay, someone had already paid for all of us.  Wow!  There are some really nice people in this world!  🙂

Friday I got to start something scary called “my plan”.  Basically, every Friday for half an hour, I do this program to prepare me to go back to normal life.  Haha!  I still feel like I’m going to be a missionary forever.

We had a lot of really good lessons this week and the work is really picking up in our area!

This week for Sister Thomas’ training, we focused on the Book of Mormon and how to help the people we teach to gain personal revelation through it.  So we went crazy sharing it with everyone we met!  It was so great to see how much people are willing to read and pray about it and the feelings they get as they do.

Tuesday we were walking and met a guy name Charlie.  We taught him about the peace that comes into our lives when we grow closer to God and read the Book of Mormon.  He shared with us about how he had gotten out of jail after being incarcerated for 10 years.  He is ready to change his life around and accepted a baptismal date on December 4th.  That day we also taught a young mom and this sweet little black woman, Kenya, and shared the Book of Mormon.  The young mom, Dalia, was excited to read it with her husband, and Kenya ended up not being able to read it due to her lack of vision.  She said she was going to get some glasses this week so she can!

We were also able to teach another investigator named Charley.  She is a really sweet 12 year old and we were happy to see her at the Ward Trunk or Treat and at church yesterday.  She is an amazing artist!

Thursday we were able to teach Jasmine and Mirna.  This week we realized that we have three different young moms we are teaching that have all boys!  Jasmine has 5, Koreen has 3, Mirna has 5.  Mirna accepted baptism but she wants to get baptized with the rest of her family which we have only taught once.  They are a strong family!  All these young moms were supposed to come to the Trunk or Treat but none of them were able to make it.

Yesterday we picked up another investigator named Daniel and we brought Brother Olayan to the lesson and it was crazy!  Daniel has a strong southern baptist twang and Brother Olayan is this sweet little Hawaiian man.  Brother Olayan and him were basically speaking in another language that only they could understand.  We would teach and then they would go off on analogies and somehow bring it back to what we were talking about.

All and all it was a great week.  Sister Thomas and I are having a lot of fun together and we are working hard also.  We really had the faith this week to stay so organized with everything we had going on.  I know this is going to be a bomb last 6 weeks of the mission!

Love you all and God Bless,

Sister Meza

Hermana Garcia
Stake Transfer lunch at Chickfila
Birthday lunch!





Crazy Halloween yard 😉




“My plan”
Packages! 🙂


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